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Enhance your WordPress Security to keep your site secure. Site infected? We carry out Malware Removal.
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Looking Tidy believes in a more proactive approach, rather than reactive.

Our philosophy is to be proactive and catch website security issues, remediate and deploy before the issues occur. Which is why we also deploy security measures when we carry out our website design service. Your website is your digital salesman who never sleeps. If it’s down, what’s advertising your business online?

When a website is displayed as hacked, most browsers will alert the user before they enter. Not only is your business losing customers, they are now associating your business website with malicious intent.

When improving your security, no matter what service it is, it’s important to understand we’re reducing the amount of risksOnline threats are forever evolving. 

It’s important to keep up to date with security patches which is why we offer our WordPress Maintenance packages. However, there may be times where it’s too late and the threat has already breached your website. Don’t sweat, we’ll talk you through the process and be here every step of the way.

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Here's our 4 step process to getting you back on track.
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