Web Design Bury St Edmunds.

Refresh your web design with modern standards to improve user experience, establish credibility and optimise for search engines.
Web Design Bury St Edmunds

Responsive, bespoke web designs.

Looking Tidy provide responsive, bespoke websites for all types of businesses. After all, mobile devices account for roughly 50% of internet browsing. Mobile friendly websites are a must, not just for user experience but also for search engine optimisation.


During our website design process, we provide a demo web page for your new website. Once you’re happy with them, we follow these throughout the design and development stages.

All of our website builds come with these as a standard.

Website Design Standard - Bury St Edmunds

Establish credibility.

Modern, professional websites engender trust and creates brand awareness. According to research by Stanford, 75% of people judge a business based on the appearance of it’s website!


These statistics indicate that a poor web design will dissuade most potential customers from doing business with you. Visitors may doubt the how valid your business model is and question how effective your products or services are. Should they get the wrong impression from your website, they’ll turn to your competitor’s website for a better user experience. We’re here to stop this from happening and turn those prospects into customers.

Search Engine Optimisation.

During the web design process, we’ll discuss Search Engine Optimisation. This is an expansive subject, but we’ll get the basics down from day one to ensure your website is optimised to it’s potential. We’ll discuss keywords, areas you cover and local business.


Website speed is also a ranking factor, which we take into consideration when designing your website. If your website looks amazing but doesn’t load within 3 seconds, 53% of mobile users will navigate away. We’ll ensure this doesn’t happen and optimise your site for quick loading speeds whilst still looking fabulous!

Pay monthly website design.

Looking Tidy now offer a pay monthly website design service. We combine your website design, website maintenance and website hosting into a package and offer this to our customers. Further to this, we have an optional Search Engine Optimisation package to improve your rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing.

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