What are the benefits of Google My Business?


Prospective buyers and clients in any market will first turn to Google to learn about your company. The numbers don’t lie: Google commands a massive 92% share of the international market for search engines. Google’s search and mapping features benefit local companies as the features provide an increase to their online visibility.

It’s crucial for businesses to have a Google My Business profile, as well as a well-designed website. As well as providing your clients with a convenient and free means of contacting you, being included in the most prominent search engine in the world may do wonders for your business.

What is Google My Business?

To increase brand awareness on Google, it’s a good idea to create a Google Business Profile. A free profile can be completed in a matter of minutes, and once it’s up and running, it will allow you to expand your profile to provide prospective clients with a wealth of helpful information.


Google My Business profiles are a great way to give potential clients a glimpse of your brand by providing information like your address, operating hours, contact information, and even images from the inside of your physical shopfront, if you have one. Your profile will appear in all of Google’s products, from Search and Maps to Shopping.

Top 5 benefits of Google My Business.

Customer Reviews.

The influence of customer reviews on a website’s search engine rankings cannot be overstated. We know 68% of people read reviews on a company’s website before trusting them.


Utilising Google My Business to simplify the submission of positive customer reviews is essential if you want your business to appear in search engine results. When your company flaunts its five-star rating in bright yellow, among its other credentials, customers are more inclined to choose you over a competitor with fewer or lower-rated reviews.

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Simple, free & powerful.

By increasing visibility and the possibility of ranking in search results, Google my Business makes it easy for new and established businesses alike to promote their products and services online. It might make it easier for potential clients to locate you and get in touch. It’s a free resource that can help you expand your company’s reach online, foster stronger relationships with your clientele, and ultimately boost sales.

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Local Pack & Google Maps.

Using Google my Business, you can raise your company’s visibility and make it easier for local customers to locate your goods and services. Your search engine’s local pack will display listings for businesses in your immediate area that match your query.


A wealth of additional information, such as business phone numbers, is made available to any prospective customer who may be interested.

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Meaningful insights.

Google’s free “My Business” dashboard provides valuable information on your company’s reach and local search rankings. Regarding planning and decision-making, Google my Business has useful tools at your disposal. You can have access to data and insights that could shed light on your target audience’s perspective with the use of this instrument.

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Increased Visibility.

Local packs dominate the first page of search engine results and are the first thing people view after entering a search term. Users can quickly and easily access all the data they need. Google’s local packs and maps visibility is affected by how well a business’s listing is optimised, with factors like relevance, trust, search proximity, and popularity. 


Google will not promote your profile to those who may be interested in it if it is poorly completed, inaccurate, irrelevant, or reviewed. When people find your business on GMB, the next step is to visit your website. Make sure you have engaged with a web design agency in Essex to create an eye-catching and attractive website.

Increase visibility with Google My Business


Recent data from Google shows that 60% of smartphone users have used the “click to call” feature on the GMB interface to get in touch with local companies. GMB is not a fleeting craze, as the vast majority of consumers have used it as their primary technique of interacting with neighbourhood companies.


It is more critical than ever to use and optimise GMB to present accurate, up-to-date information about your business in light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Your GMB panel should be viewed as the initial touch with the customer. Misleading information, such as out-of-date store hours or a misleading description, can cost you a customer’s trust and, ultimately, the customer’s lifetime worth.


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